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Zekr 1.1.0

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Requirements: BeeFree OS, md5 : 4ddbf00bdf0c78306626d676c95d8c70, size : 63.5 MB

Zekr (Arabic:ذکر) is an open source Quranic desktop application. It is an open platform Quran study tool for browsing and researching on the Quran. Zekr is a Quran-based project, planned to be a universalopen source, and cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to the Quran, according to the project website.[1] Zekr is included in the default installation of Sabily Linux distribution.[2]

Warning: Don't install as root

Zekr is capable of having multiple add-ons, that is different translation packs, themes, recitations and revelation packs.[3]
As of Zekr 0.7.0, it is possible to search through different Quran translations both with indexed (Lucene-based) search and basic search. Moreover, this release introduces paging support for Quran text.
Zekr accepts different add-ons to make application as customizable as possible. Currently it accepts different Quraan translation packs, language packs, revelation order pack and theme packs. Revelation order packs are used to sort search results based on different revelation order schemes.
Zekr comes with an NSIS installer for Windows and an Application bundle for Mac. There is always a base .tar.gz package for (all) Linux machines as well as Debian packages for Debian-compliant Linux distributions.


DISCLAIMER: No translation of Quran can be a hundred percent accurate, nor it can be used as a replacement of the Quran text. We have tried to provide a set of mostly acceptable quran translations here, but we cannot guarantee their authenticity and/or accuracy. Please use them at your own risk.
Language Name Translator Last Update Download
AlbanianEfendi NahiHasan Efendi Nahi2010-08-16Download
AlbanianFeti MehdiuFeti Mehdiu2010-12-01Download
AlbanianSherif AhmetiSherif Ahmeti2010-08-16Download
AmazighAt MensurRamdane At Mansour bio2012-07-24Download
Arabicتفسير الجلالينJalal ad-Din al-Mahalli and Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti bio2010-12-01Download
Arabicتفسير المیسرKing Fahad Quran Complex bio2011-01-07Download
Amharic ሳዲቅ & ሳኒ ሐቢብMuhammed Sadiq and Muhammed Sani Habib bio2012-08-03Download
AzerbaijaniMəmmədəliyev & BünyadovVasim Mammadaliyev and Ziya Bunyadov bio bio2010-06-04Download
AzerbaijaniMusayevAlikhan Musayev2010-08-16Download
Bengaliজহুরুল হকZohurul Hoque bio2013-07-19Download
Bengaliমুহিউদ্দীন খানMuhiuddin Khan2011-04-30Download
BosnianKorkutBesim Korkut bio2013-05-22Download
BosnianMlivoMustafa Mlivo2010-08-24Download
BulgarianТеофановTzvetan Theophanov2014-08-12Download
ChineseMa JianMa Jian2011-03-13Download
ChineseMa Jian (Traditional)Ma Jian2011-01-07Download
CzechHrbekPreklad I. Hrbek2010-08-16Download
CzechNyklA. R. Nykl2010-08-16Download
DivehiދިވެހިOffice of the President of Maldives2011-02-07Download
DutchKeyzerSalomo Keyzer 2010-06-04Download
DutchLeemhuisFred Leemhuis2012-08-05Download
DutchSiregarSofian S. Siregar2012-08-05Download
EnglishAhmed AliAhmed Ali bio2010-08-28Download
EnglishAhmed Raza KhanAhmed Raza Khan bio2011-07-17Download
EnglishArberryA. J. Arberry bio2011-07-31Download
EnglishDaryabadiAbdul Majid Daryabadi bio2010-08-16Download
EnglishItaniTalal Itani2013-07-19Download
EnglishMaududiAbul Ala Maududi bio2011-05-10Download
EnglishPickthallMohammed Marmaduke William Pickthall bio2010-09-04Download
EnglishQaraiAli Quli Qarai2013-07-16Download
EnglishQaribullah & DarwishHasan al-Fatih Qaribullah and Ahmad Darwish2010-06-04Download
EnglishSaheeh InternationalSaheeh International bio2011-04-24Download
EnglishSarwarMuhammad Sarwar bio2012-07-30Download
EnglishShakirMohammad Habib Shakir bio2010-06-22Download
EnglishTransliterationEnglish Transliteration2010-09-06Download
EnglishWahiduddin KhanWahiduddin Khan bio2011-08-25Download
EnglishYusuf AliAbdullah Yusuf Ali bio2013-05-10Download
FrenchHamidullahMuhammad Hamidullah bio2011-07-18Download
GermanAbu RidaAbu Rida Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rassoul2011-08-19Download
GermanBubenheim & ElyasA. S. F. Bubenheim and N. Elyas bio2011-07-17Download
GermanKhouryAdel Theodor Khoury bio2010-08-16Download
GermanZaidanAmir Zaidan2010-06-04Download
HausaGumiAbubakar Mahmoud Gumi2010-08-16Download
Hindiफ़ारूक़ ख़ान & अहमदMuhammad Farooq Khan and Muhammad Ahmed 2011-03-18Download
Hindiफ़ारूक़ ख़ान & नदवीSuhel Farooq Khan and Saifur Rahman Nadwi2011-01-12Download
IndonesianBahasa IndonesiaIndonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs2010-06-04Download
IndonesianQuraish ShihabMuhammad Quraish Shihab et al. bio2011-04-28Download
IndonesianTafsir JalalaynJalal ad-Din al-Mahalli and Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti bio2012-07-27Download
ItalianPiccardoHamza Roberto Piccardo bio2011-01-02Download
Kurdishته‌فسیری ئاسانBurhan Muhammad-Amin2010-09-14Download
MalayBasmeihAbdullah Muhammad Basmeih2012-09-07Download
Malayalamഅബ്ദുല്‍ ഹമീദ് & പറപ്പൂര്‍Cheriyamundam Abdul Hameed and Kunhi Mohammed Parappoor2012-04-02Download
Malayalamകാരകുന്ന് & എളയാവൂര്Muhammad Karakunnu and Vanidas Elayavoor bio2012-04-02Download
NorwegianEinar BergEinar Berg2010-06-04Download
Persianالهی قمشه‌ایMahdi Elahi Ghomshei bio2011-07-17Download
PersianانصاریانHussain Ansarian bio2011-07-06Download
PersianآیتیAbdolMohammad Ayati bio2012-08-01Download
Persianبهرام پورAbolfazl Bahrampour bio2013-11-29Download
PersianخرمدلMostafa Khorramdel bio2011-03-19Download
PersianخرمشاهیBaha'oddin Khorramshahi bio2012-07-27Download
Persianصادقی تهرانیMohammad Sadeqi Tehrani bio2011-08-01Download
PersianفولادوندMohammad Mahdi Fooladvand bio2011-06-18Download
PersianمجتبویSayyed Jalaloddin Mojtabavi bio2012-04-16Download
PersianمعزیMohammad Kazem Moezzi2010-08-24Download
Persianمکارم شیرازیNaser Makarem Shirazi bio2014-01-22Download
PolishBielawskiegoJózefa Bielawskiego2010-08-16Download
PortugueseEl-HayekSamir El-Hayek 2010-06-04Download
RomanianGrigoreGeorge Grigore2010-08-16Download
RussianАбу АдельAbu Adel2010-09-15Download
RussianАль-МунтахабMinistry of Awqaf, Egypt2011-05-29Download
RussianКрачковскийIgnaty Yulianovich Krachkovsky bio2010-09-20Download
RussianКулиевElmir Kuliev2011-05-29Download
RussianКулиев + ас-СаадиElmir Kuliev (with Abd ar-Rahman as-Saadi's commentaries)2010-10-04Download
RussianОсмановMagomed-Nuri Osmanovich Osmanov2010-08-16Download
RussianПороховаV. Porokhova2010-08-16Download
RussianСаблуковGordy Semyonovich Sablukov2010-10-04Download
SindhiامروٽيTaj Mehmood Amroti2012-04-09Download
SomaliAbduhMahmud Muhammad Abduh2010-08-16Download
SpanishBornezRaúl González Bórnez bio2014-07-15Download
SpanishCortesJulio Cortes 2014-08-12Download
SpanishGarciaMuhammad Isa García bio2014-07-15Download
SwahiliAl-BarwaniAli Muhsin Al-Barwani2010-08-16Download
SwedishBernströmKnut Bernström2012-07-30Download
TajikОятӣAbdolMohammad Ayati2010-08-04Download
Tamilஜான் டிரஸ்ட்Jan Turst Foundation2010-08-16Download
TatarYakub Ibn NugmanYakub Ibn Nugman2010-08-16Download
ThaiภาษาไทยKing Fahad Quran Complex2011-10-10Download
TurkishAbdulbakî GölpınarlıAbdulbaki Golpinarli2010-09-14Download
TurkishAlİ BulaçAlİ Bulaç2010-08-16Download
TurkishÇeviriyazıMuhammet Abay2010-09-15Download
TurkishDiyanet İşleriDiyanet Isleri2011-12-27Download
TurkishDiyanet VakfıDiyanet Vakfi2010-06-04Download
TurkishEdip YükselEdip Yüksel2010-06-04Download
TurkishElmalılı Hamdi YazırElmalili Hamdi Yazir2010-06-04Download
TurkishÖztürkYasar Nuri Ozturk bio2010-06-04Download
TurkishSuat YıldırımSuat Yildirim2010-09-14Download
TurkishSüleyman AteşSuleyman Ates2010-06-04Download
Urduابوالاعلی مودودیAbul A'ala Maududi bio2010-11-15Download
Urduاحمد رضا خانAhmed Raza Khan bio2011-03-17Download
Urduاحمد علیAhmed Ali bio2010-08-16Download
UrduجالندہریFateh Muhammad Jalandhry2010-12-24Download
Urduطاہر القادریTahir ul Qadri bio2010-08-16Download
Urduعلامہ جوادیSyed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi2010-12-24Download
Urduمحمد جوناگڑھیMuhammad Junagarhi bio2011-04-25Download
Urduمحمد حسین نجفیAyatollah Muhammad Hussain Najafi  bio2011-08-19Download
Uyghurمحمد صالحMuhammad Saleh2010-06-04Download
UzbekМухаммад СодикMuhammad Sodik Muhammad Yusuf2011-07-17Download
* Do not know how to add a translation to Zekr? See instructions here!
** Special thanks to Tanzil project for providing quite a number of the translations, as well as download bandwidth.


Recitation files listed below are compatible with Zekr 0.7.5 and newer. If you are using an older version of Zekr (check your version via: Help > About), please find older recitation list on old recitation archive. You can find instructions to add new offline recitation here (online: here). For more info on Zekr recitations, refer to this page.
Note that some recitations here may contain duplicate or missing ayas. Splitting Qur'an into aya-by-aya files is a hard and error-prone task. You can help us by reporting such errors.

Offline recitations

Name Quality Recitation pack Size Added
Al-Ghamdi (offline) 40 kbps 417.3 MB 06-04-2010
Al-Muaiqly (offline) 48 kbps 425.5 MB 06-04-2010
Al-Muaiqly (offline) 64 kbps 567.6 MB 07-08-2010
Al-Hudhaifi (offline) 32 kbps 289.7 MB 03-09-2010
Al-Afasy (offline) 40 kbps 501.0 MB 06-04-2010
Al-Afasy (offline) 64 kbps 802.7 MB 25-07-2010
As-Sudais (offline) 64 kbps 573.2 MB 25-07-2010
As-Sudais (offline) 128 kbps 1.1 GB 08-08-2010
Al-Minshawi (offline) 48 kbps 587.6 MB 25-07-2010
Al-Minshawi (Mujawwad, offline) 40 kbps 994.5 MB 07-08-2010
Ash-Shuraim (offline) 64 kbps 495.5 MB 25-07-2010
Abdulbasit Abdussamad (offline) 48 kbps 627.3 MB 25-07-2010
Abdulbasit Abdussamad (Mujawwad, offline) 32 kbps 786.5 MB 06-08-2010
Abdulbasit Abdussamad (Mujawwad, offline) 64 kbps 1.6 GB 07-08-2010
Ash-Shatri (offline) 64 kbps 696.3 MB 06-08-2010
At-Tablawi (offline) 64 kbps 602.3 MB 06-08-2010
Basfar (offline) 64 kbps 809.9 MB 07-08-2010
Jebril (offline) 64 kbps 706.0 MB 07-08-2010
Ar-Refai (offline) 64 kbps 684.2 MB 11-08-2010
Al-Husary (offline) 40 kbps 715.3 MB 12-08-2010
Al-Husary (offline) 64 kbps 1.1 GB 12-08-2010
Al-Akhdar (offline) 32 kbps 454.3 MB 03-09-2010
Al-Ajmy (offline) 64 kbps 702.1 MB 30-03-2011
Al-Ajmy (offline) 128 kbps 832.0 MB 06-10-2010
Shahriar Parhizgar (offline) 48 kbps 533.6 MB 20-03-2011
Shahriar Parhizgar (offline) 24 kbps 252.4 MB 20-03-2011
RecitationMuhammad Ayyub 128 kbps 1.7 GB 15-09-2011
Naser Makarem Shirazi - Kabiri (Persian, offline) 16 kbps 222.5 MB 20-03-2011
Mohammad Mahdi Fooladvand - Hedayatfar (Persian, offline) 40 kbps 416.3 MB 20-03-2011
Ibrahim Walk (English, offline) 64 kbps 489.6 MB 14-08-2010
Do not know how to add an offline recitation translation to Zekr? See instructions here!

Online recitations

Name Quality Recitation file Browse Last Update
RecitationAl-Minshawi 16 kbps Browse... 07-03-2008
RecitationAl-Minshawi 32 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Minshawi (Mujawwad) 64 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Ghamdi 40 kbps Browse... 13-09-2007
RecitationAl-Shatri 64 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Shatri 128 kbps Browse... 13-09-2007
RecitationAl-Afasy 64 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Afasy 128 kbps Browse... 13-09-2007
RecitationAl-Shuraim 64 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Shuraim 128 kbps Browse... 13-09-2007
RecitationAyyub 64 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAyyub 128 kbps Browse... 27-10-2007
RecitationAl-Ajmy 64 kbps Browse... 27-10-2007
RecitationAl-Ajmy 128 kbps Browse... 03-08-2012
RecitationAl-Hudhaifi 32 kbps Browse... 27-10-2007

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