Friday, 5 May 2017

Q Comic Book 0.8.2-1build1

Posted By: Macrolinux - 5/05/2017 01:49:00 pm

Requirements: BeeFree OS, md5 : f873cfe475a943a5947df51dc489cd63, size : 6.4 MB

(c)by Pawel Stolowski 2005-2012
released under terms of GNU General Public License v2
1. Introduction --------------- QComicBook is a viewer for PDF files and comic book archives containing jpeg/png/xpm/gif/bmp images, which aims at convenience and simplicity. Features include: automatic unpacking of archive files, full-screen mode, continuous scrolling mode, double-pages viewing, manga mode, thumbnails view, page scaling, mouse or keyboard navigation etc. 2. Requirements --------------- QComicBook requires Qt libraries version >=5.4.0 (qtcore, qtwidgets, qtprintsupport, qtx11extras, qtprintsupport), poppler-qt5 library and cmake. You will also need unzip, rar (or unrar), unace, p7zip and tar (with gzip and bzip2 support compiled in) somewhere in your PATH to handle archives. If one of these tools is missing you can still use QComicBook, but you won't be able to open some archives. You may check status of supported archives via Help > System information menu option of QComicBook.

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