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Clonezilla 3.10.11-3

Posted By: Macrolinux - 5/13/2017 04:48:00 am

Requirements: BeeFree OS, md5 : 0b56a8e4fe0c5b0f118218f737e806fd, size : 7.3 MB

Clonezilla is a free disk cloning, disk imaging, data recovery, and deployment computer program.[3] Clonezilla is designed by Steven Shiau and developed by the NCHC Free Software Labs in Taiwan.[4] Clonezilla SE provides multicast support similar to Norton Ghost Corporate Edition.


Clonezilla Live

Clonezilla Live enables a user to clone a single computer's storage media, or a single partition on the media, to a separate medium device. The cloned data can be saved as an image-file or as a duplicated copy of the data. The data can be saved to locally attached storage device, an SSH server, a Samba server, or an NFS file-share. The clone file can then be used to restore the original when needed.[5]
Clonezilla doesn't support online imaging yet, i.e. the partition to be cloned has to be unmounted. Clonezilla application can be run from a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD-ROM. Clonezilla requires no modification to the computer; the software runs in its own booted environment.[6]

Clonezilla Server

Clonezilla Server is used to clone many computers simultaneously across a network. This is done using a DRBL server and computer workstations that can boot from a network.

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