Wednesday, 3 May 2017

BitRock InstallBuilder 17.4.0

Posted By: steve - 5/03/2017 03:37:00 pm

Requirements : BeeFree OS, md5 : fe52d8edd7e3bc95ac9d7f084b6fcf43, size : 118M

BeeFree package created using BitRock InstallBuilder. Detail project you can visit github macrolinux ( You can Get a Free License for your Open Source Project (

Built-In Debugger
Easily troubleshoot your application installation process

The new InstallBuilder debugger makes it easier to identify and correct issues during the installer development process. It allows you to view and interactively edit installer variables at runtime, provides step-by-step execution to test that specific parts of the installer are functioning properly, allows recovering from unexpected errors during the installation process and more. A complete guide to using the debugger is now included in the InstallBuilder documentation.

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