Friday, 21 April 2017

GitKraken 2.1.0

Posted By: Macrolinux - 4/21/2017 07:19:00 pm

Requirements: BeeFree OS, md5 : 2a524375ee95f888ad8193494dd58196, size : 76.2 MB

Axosoft's GitKraken is a free Git client for Windows, Mac, and Linux that integrates beautifully with GitHub.


  • Full GitHub integration - Easily interact with your GitHub repositories to perform pull requests.
  • Visual interactions, hints and responsive design - GitKraken makes Git commands and processes easy, fast, and intuitive. The fully responsive UI gives visual feedback to provide a better understanding of branching, merging and your commit history.
  • Cross-platform and 100% standalone - Run the installer and open the app on Windows, Mac or Linux. That's it! GitKraken works directly with your repositories with no dependencies.
  • One-click undo & redo - GitKraken is the only cross-platform Git client with one-click undo and redo!
  • Built-in merge tool - Use GitKraken's built-in merge tool to resolve merge conflicts without switching applications and interrupting your workflow.
  • Fast, intuitive search - GitKraken indexes everything, so you can quickly find what you're looking for faster than in other clients!

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